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    Square ENix introduced me to the Composer Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon) in Paris after the Ff Distant Worlds Concert.
    I had the chance to shake hands and express my appreciation and to present him with a gift, a canvas print of a painting of himself, painted by myself.

    I am a huge big Fan of his work! Listening to his music since my childhood it feels good remembering this moment.

    Here is a photo of me and my fiancee May with Susan Calloway ( who performed the lyric at the FF concert),
    Nobuo Uematsu and the conductor Arnie Roth

    This is the painting i made especially for Nobuo Uematsu, limited to 2 canvas prints with me having the other one

    Sorry ist auf english :P

    Wenn etwas nicht verstaendlich ist, ich beantworte die Frage gerne.

    I got the Famitsu issue containing my interview this morning! YAY
    Knowing Famitsu since my childhood i was very excited to be featured in the magazine :)
    The magazine was forwarded to me by Square Enix Japan

    Japanese Famitsu (i am on page 16)

    i am also in the Taiwanese Famitsu! yay

    I got a whole page on Page 16, awesome.
    The slightly extended interview is also available on the Famitsu website:

    The Interview starts with a brief introduction, it explains that i won the official Final Fantasy
    Superfan contest and links to my entry video. Then there are a couple pictures of my collection,
    i have attached the images used to this album.

    The interview was held in Paris, where i was invited to come to attend the Final Fantasy
    Distant Worlds Concert. I got to meet the composer Nobuo Uematsu there as well.
    If you are interested to see photos of my trip and read more details about my prizes and all,
    here is a write up:

    Part of the prize is also a mention of my name "Randis ALbion" on the staff roll of the game
    Final Fantasy XIII The Lightning Returns.

    Here are the two nice Famitsu Editors Hiroko Saga and Rie Kawai who were conducting
    the Interview with me.
    Both were nice and funny and very familiar with older game titles from the famicom
    and super famicom times.

    I was asked when and what my first FF title was. My answer was that i had played the
    first FF at the age of 11 but become a fan with the release of FF IV for Super Famicom
    (FF II in the us for snes)

    I was asked what i liked about the FF titles -
    Playing the SNES final fantasy i really liked the coice of the concep artist Yoshitaka Amano
    as opposed to the rather cartoony designs of other games, the beautiful music and you
    could really feel that the developer team did put a lot of love into the games like all the
    optional and hidden content in FF VI and FF VII.

    I was asked what my favorite FF title was -

    My top 5: FFVI, FF Tactics, FFVII, FFXI, FFIV

    I was asked why FF VI is my favorite -

    I love the Music, the Story, all the optional Content and characters.
    The graphics were really good too for back then!
    My favorit FF track of all FF is also the ending thrack on FF VI where all the character
    themes are included.

    I really loved the variaty of characters the old games had, old and young, handsome
    and weird, monster and so on as opposed to the pretty teen popstar look of the
    recent titles.
    i like the playable character Umaro :) The Yeti

    I was asked how my Fiancee (who accompanied me to Paris) is dealing with my
    Hobbie, if she is jealous of the attentine i put into it -

    May is really cool with my Hobbies, in fact she did find many of the cool goodies for
    my collection. She used to play many of the older titles as well and even did FF cosplay.

    Famitsu: Incredible! You guys are the best Final Fantasy couple!

    Finally i was asked about my aspiration as the final fantasy super fan -
    I grew up with FF, i am a big fan and i understand that many of the other old fans
    have a hard time accepting the new directions the FF series took. I open my hearth
    to the new and hope to be able to always enjoy the games.

    The first question i was asked is how i felt winning the contest, i answered it without using words :D

    I was asked what my thoughts were creating the entry video (the video had to be max 1 minute long and supposed to introduce the participant and his reason for the participation)
    I explained that as a kid i was very impressed by the old Final Fantasy titles, especially by the art of Yoshitaka amano and the beautiful Music of Nobuo Uematsu and they those were among the motivators that inspired my choice of career. As i kid i had decided that i wanted to become a professional Artist and Game Developer and now many years later i am the founder of 3 studios and been working on lots of games as a concept artist and Art director for clients all over the world.
    In the second part of the video i did show a part of my private game collection :)
    If yo are interested to see more of my FF collection you can do it here on imgur
    Album 1:
    Album 2:

    The Square Enix Brand Manager Rui Anderson was translating during the Interview.
    It was a pleasure meeting Rui in person!

    A couple photos show me with Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase who presented me with the Final Fantasy Crystal

    A picture of my sit together with Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase.
    My name will be featured in the staff roll of Final Fantasy Lightning Returns

    i got this Final Fantasy Memoria Booklet from Famitsu

    This is the Final Fantasy crystal i got, there was only one made, for me.

    Here is some of my artworks featured in the interview
    You can see more on my FB page:…n/108677205818118?fref=ts

    I also brought lots of prints for the Famitsu Editors,
    they liked it and i was told that some were hanged in their offices.

    Here is some of my artworks featured in the interview You can see more on my FB page:…n/108677205818118?fref=ts


    My interview was also published in a Gaming mag in Taiwan,
    Here is a scan made by Cloud Ko

    And here is a extended feature of my on a taiwanese gaming site GAMME

    Vielen Dank!
    Ja das wird eine tolle Erinnerung!

    Hier noch einige Links

    featured in a Taiwanese Magazine:
    (Scanned by Cloud Ko)

    another Taiwanese Gaming site:
    Famitsu online:

    Die Tage bekomm ich das Famitsu magazin, da werde ich dann Bilder machen.

    Leider gibts es nur noch die JP SE online shop :/
    Kann ich auch nach Deutschland liefern lassen ?

    Das weiss ich leider nicht, ich hab meine Box ueber einen japanischen Freund bekommen, er hat es fuer mich bestellt und an mich weitergesendet.
    Ich denk man dass du die box noch finden kannst, es wird nur warscheinlich um einiges teuerer sein

    Davon wollen wir dann aber auch was sehen

    Ich werd auf jeden Fall viele Bilder machen :)

    >___< Mich zerfrisst schon wieder der Neid. Ich habe auch überlegt sie zu kaufen, aber der Shop war seit geraumer Zeit nicht erreichbar wegen dem Hacker-Angriff. Wo hast du sie gekauft? Gott, sie ist wirklich sehr toll. *___*

    Vielen Dank!
    Ich hatte die Box im Square Enix online shop vor Monaten vorbestellt.
    die 25th anniversary Memorial Ultimana complete Box habe ich heute auch bekommen, da werd ich noch Fotos machen.

    Sieht wirklich toll aus, die Box. Glückwunsch nochmal!

    Edit: Okay, ich dachte, das Wäre der Preis vom Super-Fan.

    Ne, leider ist das nicht der Preis... da haette ich aber nicht nein gesagt :D

    Hab endlich meine Final Fantasy 25th anniversary ultimate box erhalten und will hier mit euch bilder und das auspack video teilen.

    Die box ist super verarbeitet und sieht spitze aus, design ist sehr edel und schlicht.

    Der inhalt der Box:
    Yoshitaka Amanom Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Visual Mini Replica
    PSOne Games: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII International,
    Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX
    PS2 Games: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Collection 2, Final Fantasy XII
    PS3 Game: Final Fantasy XIII
    PSP Game: Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Visual Art Collection Book: "Crystal ArtWorks"
    Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Special Disc
    Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Music Selection CD Set
    Final Fantasy XIV In-game Item Code: "Mogumogu Earring"

    Hier ist mein Youtube Video:…er_embedded&v=VMjLpUuFaFI

    Cooles Game, war zur seiner Zeit beeindruckend.

    Die fanuebersetzungen sind natuerlich illegal. Die Uebersetzung von den Texten an sich ist nicht illegal aber da wir ja von gepatchten Roms reden ists ne andere sache. Die Roms und deren modifikationen sind illegal, das anbieten und downloaded von roms ist illegal undmeistens wird dazu noch versucht damit geld zu machen in Form von AD revenue auf den download sites.
    Die Firmen gehen meist nicht dagegen vor weil es sich um sehr alte spiele handelt oder weil die sites auf servern in bestimmten laendern gehostet werden in denen die Rechtslage unguenstig steht.

    Man kann es mit Filmen vergleichen, ein Rom mit einem uebersetzungs patch waere quasi ein bootleg Film mit fan uebersetzten subtitles.
    Roms sind illegal, das erstellen von Roms ist illegal

    Ganz egal was viele sagen, umsonst und aus liebe zum Spiel passieren die meisten Uebersetzungen nicht, oft will man damit Geld machen.
    Die meisten der sites welche Roms und patches anbieten sind voller werbung und dazu kommt der Verkauf bon teueren bootleg/reproduction cartridges, wie z.B die fake Secret of Mana 2 SNES spiele auf ebay usw.

    Hiermit presentiere ich das offizielle "Danke für die Unterstü Browsergame"

    Wie man dieses Broswergame spiel? Ganz einfach!
    In deinem Broswer, einfach auf "Neue Antwort erstellen" druecken, etwas nettes schreiben und absenden!
    Wer zuerst auf Seite 100 kommt wird der "Danke für die Unterstü Browsergame KING"
    Auf gehts!

    Die waren schon damals nicht billin, vor allem in dem Zustand. Preise moechte ich nicht nennen.

    Das sind japanische module, die sehen genauso aus wie die module in europa, laufen aber nur mit einem Adapter auf dem supernintendo.

    Ich werd mal bei Gelegenheit videos machen

    Wollte euch heute was besonderes aus meiner Sammlung zeigen.

    Das sind 3 originale Square Enix Test/Sample Roms fuer Super famicom.
    Die Dinger gans nicht zu kaufen, sie wurden in einer limitierten Auflage hergestellt, rein fuer Demonstrationen.
    Dab die 3 komplett und wie neu.

    Romancing Saga 3, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3

    Chrono Trigger

    Seiken Densetsu 3

    Romancing Saga 3