Update der Japanischen Seite (APRILSCHERZ 2010)

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    • Update der Japanischen Seite (APRILSCHERZ 2010)

      Return of the Chocobo Banzai
      Chocobo raising makes a return! The greatly enhanced chocobo raising system should prove both familiar and new to fans and will allow adventurers to raise a chocobo as unique as themselves!
      Chocobo racing and the chocobo hot and cold game, among many other events involving chocobo, are planned to be added after FFXIV's release later this year through version updates.
      Chocobo can be used to carry and store extra gear and items. This will be upgradeable through saddlebags that can be purchased, crafted, or quested.
      The chocobo saddlebags are only one of the possible equipment choices you make for your chocobo, with each piece affecting the chocobo in various ways.
      It is possible to soften the load on your chocobo through various means, such as leaving the saddle pack off, and instead equip an assistant's saddle (strange wording - SteveManly) that will allow comrades to ride behind you into battle.
      Properly trained chocobo can be called from many field locations or be sent to a distant party member to bring them safely to you and your group.
      Bring your trusty steed into battle! Chocobo with sufficient courage can now aid adventurers in combat by granting them superior mobility and various bonuses. Some disciples will be better at this than others and gain various unique bonuses, such as Lancer and Archer.

      You will be able to select a first and last name.
      Your last name is unique but can be shared, you must give permission to let another character use it.
      You will be able to change your last name if you accept an adoption or mentorship from another player.
      You will be able to send messages to other players by using their first initial and last name, or first name and last initial.

      Hints at possible new classes?

      The lore has been updated with darkened silhouettes of two figures and a small amount of text for each:

      Hatred forged into Valor

      "There are those who see opportunity rather than dread upon glancing upon the great warships of the Garlean Empire. Within the ruined north some of the greatest minds of Eorzea have tirelessly sought to fuse the traditional arms of their homelands with the brutal and foreign technology of the Empire. Few have met success, though rumors suggest that a brilliant hyur has developed a way to merge the effectiveness of a blade with the range of the Empire's arrrowless grannon. Few have actually seen the weapon, however, for they say this grizzled hyur deals exclusively with a secretive group whose hearts burn with an undying hatred of the Empire."

      Those who are Lost

      "Not all within the great Garlean Empire hold a love for their realm. Many are slaves forced to fight in the name of their oppressors, fodder for the thirsty blades of the lands the Empire seeks to swallow. With such disposable subjects it would be of little surprise if the rumors of the Empire's dreadful experiments held true, telling of their ventures into creating twisted abominations of flesh to fuel their wars. These words so carefully whispered however also suggest that many of these Galean experiments have earned their freedom and have found their way into Eorzea..

      Few dare speak of these powerful ebon warriors from the north who wield massive and dreadful scythes, shadowed figures who use the very strength and magic of their foes against them through dark mimicry. These twisted souls, those lucky enough to have freed themselves from the control the Empire, have named themselves the Lost and have sworn vengeance against their former masters.

      A truly sad tale should it be true, for they say the Lost fight with the belief that one day they will be found. "

      Special Collector Items/Rewards!
      The FFXIII collector's item will be a baby chocobo hair accessory much like that of Sazh.
      All Alpha and Beta testers, current and future, will have a chance to randomly win various collector items including a moogle pouch accessory.
      FFXI players that link their POL account to their Square Enix Account upon subscribing to FFXIV will receive various gifts, including a choice of a goblin, mandragora, or pixie pouch.

      Square Enix Grab Bag #1

      Q. Are there any plans to add additional races?

      A. It is not out of the possibility because many models were made and player models and animations are the same as the ones NPC use.. We are aware that moogles and male mi'qote are a very popular discussion with our fans, but can not say more at this time.

      Q. Will there be any jumping or form of aerobatics? And swimming?

      A. Yes, you can jump. It can affect you negatively and in some cases positively during battle depending on many things, and it will be used to aid your journey across Eorzea. Swimming actions will be available and will be required to reach one of the regions held by a beastmen tribe, among other things.

      Q. Will monsters like the quadav return?

      A. Currently only the goblins have returned because they were well liked by the fans. They are one of the beastmen tribes, and we may have various quests that allow you to temporarily become one of their tribe and complete 'goblin quests'. Look forward to it!

      Q. Will there be PvP or anything similar at launch?

      A. We do not know yet. We are trying to incorporate a pvp system that is fun and realistic, one that is very competitive and allows many people to take part in. This is difficult to create however and is not our main focus, so it may not make it for release.

      Q. Will there be any long term pricing for those who desire it?

      A. If there is enough interest. For the Japanese such things are slowly becoming common, to save money by paying far ahead. We do have various pricing options being planned that may give more versatility to our fans. For example quarterly payment plans are set at 4110 yen, (approximately $44), which is cheaper than paying month by month. If it is received well, we may consider more options.

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    • Hehehe, das kann nur ein Aprilscherz sein. Wer MAG schon Goblins aus FFXI? Wer?! Wer?!!!?!??! Außer den Goblin Fickblix soll jeder von diesen Valkurm Dunes Mistviechern verrecken, meiner Meinung nach ^^ Hast von der Core Seite, nehm ich mal an? ;)

      Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki

      Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach malchi